"Intrigued by what doesn’t meets the eye."

Art Portfolio

As an autodidact artist, I'm Inspired by social structures, the building blocks of life, nature versus nurture, the order in chaos, and the beauty of ugly things and feelings. Born of conviction that things that are painfully true, disruptive, or turmoil for the soul, can be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Intrigued by what doesn’t meet the eye. Trying to make the invisible visible, with a focus on the complexity of structure and layers. Using a variety of media, but mostly acryl, thread, and yarn. Often using color when addressing darker themes. Always striving to find balance in polarity. Because of the use of layering and details, these pieces of art and their relief and patterns are best shown in real life. There where light can play and do its magic. Where nothing is what it seemed to be at first glance and the true nature of the artwork's 'soul' reveals itself.

Below you find a brief overview of my artistic work. For more information, availability and prices, please click on a specific artwork. To view artworks in more detail and in their surroundings, visit: Artwork in its environment & close up.

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