(Graphic) Design, Project Management & Styling Portfolio

With 'In the eye of MI' I have done many different jobs in recent years. My eye falls on almost anything that needs a creative view. Graphic design, events, styling & interior, I can't and don't want to choose - and luckily I don't have to.

My personal taste is quite striking and unconventional. My greatest strength is the (intuitive) sense of what a client wants to convey. Whether it concerns a work of art, design, furnishing, or event. The 'art' is then to translate this into a concrete design or image - even if the idea is initially still very vague, or no more than a 'feeling', which is difficult to describe. Fortunately, half a word is often enough for me.

Dressing up is a hobby that got a bit out of hand. I've been dressing people for years, making them more beautiful and cutting the hair of anyone who is brave enough to let me. Sometimes on assignment, sometimes as a favor to friends. I have a shockingly large 'dressing-up' closet full of props and accessories and an even bigger fantasy. It is a joy also for me, every time to create exactly the right look with different 'scratched together and mixed-up' things.

Digital Artwork "Between Dreams' -Photo on dibond 70 x 50 cm (commissioned). Interested in a personal digital artwork based on an (existing) photo? Please contact me for possibilities and a price indication.

Book Design '27 bereidingen van de werkelijkheid op een bedje van onzin'. -For Reinier W. Heutink's book with 27 columns I designed both the cover and the inside. Especially for anyone who familiar is with the world of market research, this book is a must!

Visual Design Five Degrees -Five Degrees is developing a new core banking platform. From November 2020 to March 2021 I helped Five Degrees as a Freelance Visual Designer with the development of logos, whitepapers, one-pagers, social media expressions, newsletters, PowerPoints, icons, Christmas cards, team backgrounds (etc., etc.), and with the upgrading of the existing corporate identity.

Poems IJburg- 'Self made island' is one of the lucky winners and will soon be immortalized on a new IJburg bridge!

A new bridge will soon be built on IJburg, my hometown. A competition was organized in which residents could submit their own texts, which would be immortalized on the bridge. I wrote these two poems. Because only 1 poem per person could participate, the organization chose 'Self made island' for participation.

Fotocredits 'Self made eiland':  @quarkness & @prinsjorrit

Fotocredits 'Ik loop': @amsterdam_ijburg

Illustration- For Linde Marketing I drew a tree for the new logo and I provided a nice package of ready-to-use logos in all kinds of formats, sizes and color variations. (Click on the photo to see on Instagram how Michelle Plaisier turned it into a beautiful moving animation.)

'WIJ voor elkaar' campaign -For the 'WIJ voor elkaar' campaign by Shopping Center IJburg, I interviewed and photographed various IJburg entrepreneurs from the summer of 2020 to February 2021 to support them in this difficult Covid time.  

Social Media Winkelcentrum IJburg -From March 2019 to April 2021 I took care of the posts on the Facebook page of Shopping Center IJburg. A nice job on my own nice isle! Click on the picture to visit the FB page. Nice if you follow 'WE'! In the summer of 2020, this assignment was extended with the 'WE for each other campaign' in which I make short portraits of entrepreneurs from Shopping Center IJburg and beyond.

Logo Brains for Good -Brains for Good is a new club that brings high-profile consultants, who are used to devising innovative 'smart' solutions for their clients, in touch with companies and institutions that deal with social issues. So that the available knowledge and 'brains' are not only used by multinationals that have the budget for it, but it benefits society as a whole.

Bee Innovation Event - Every spring, Bee Allies in Innovation organizes an inspiring event for innovative consultants. Because the Bee consultants prefer to consult than organize and coordinate events, IteoMI was called in in 2019 for this task and associated DTP activities. Also for 2020 and 2021 there was already a script and invitation made together with me... but we will now move it to 2022... :)

Lichte Dichter photoshoot Styling by Marlies van Veghel
Lichte Dichter photoshoot Styling by Marlies van Veghel

Photoshoot Lichte Dichter-I provided the styling for a photoshoot for Lichte Dichter (now known as 'Het Motief') . This started with some personal shop sessions with the band members. The end result has become very impressive. But 'failing' was very difficult anyway with such a beautiful location!

Logo Buro Maek. Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel

Logo Buro Maek -For the new recruiter, specialized in architectural firms, the logo had to be clean, without too much 'fuss', but also human, soft, and approachable. The logo with the Erasmus Bridge at the back is purely an example of how the transparent version can be used.

Photo credits Erasmus Bridge: Petra Starink. (Van deze website.)

Madaga is jarig! Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel
Compilatie Madaga. Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel

Madaga -Madaga is working hard to prepare and deliver organic baby and children's food. When Madaga's permanent Designer was on maternity leave, they were looking for someone who could quickly empathize with the new house style and continue to build on that. This resulted in a number of beautiful (Facebook) banners, Flyers, and website designs.

Logo ontwerp. Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel

Naam & Logo - - Advertising agency IRS wanted a new name and logo. At that time, Marlies was still working as an Art Director at IRS and came up with 'Buro op het Gras' with the accompanying logo. The image of the clouds is an illustration of how the transparent version of the logo could come into its own. The original has a white background. Unfortunately, this name and design were not ultimately chosen. Click on the link to see what it turned out to be: www.burodoen.com

Compilatie video shoot Lichte Dichter. Photo's and styling by Marlies van VeghelVideo clip Lichte Dichter - For the video clip 'Zoon van hem' from the album Waterloper, I dressed the band 'Lichte Dichter' (now known as 'Het Motief') members and took care of the styling and photography.

Flyer Party with the stars -Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel

Party with the Stars flyer -Hugo and Marieke felt it was time for a party to celebrate their 20-year relation. And because both of them are not averse to dressing up, they came up with the "Party with the Stars" theme. To inspire all the guests and get them in the mood, they had their invitation in the form of a flyer designed by me, completely in the style of the theme, as an inspiration for the invited guests.

MI/Marlies -Do you want to know -a little bit- more about me? Please click on this photo.

Wedding logo design by Marlies van Veghel

Wedding logo -Marije and Barteld Jan were getting married! For them, I designed the wedding card with its own logo in 'Delft style' that came back in various expressions during the big day. (The fact that the logo was based on the 'Jane Austen' font made it even more romantic, I think.)

Vormgeving Correctbook - Linde Marketing, active in FinTech and SAAS marketing, wanted a giveaway for its customers that would not become a 'throw away' and came up with the idea for a Correctbook. A reusable notebook that is not only sustainable but also sponsors writing materials for children in developing countries. A fantastic initiative and a fantastic gift for customers in one. Find out more about Linde Marketing: Linde Marketing BV. For information about Correctbook: correctbook.com

Roaring 20's party -Parents and Seniors Party may suggest a retirement party, but nothing could be further from the truth! Every year Amsterdam Hockey Club IJburg organizes an old-school hockey party for the (18+) senior teams and parents of their youth members. I designed the invitation and went out on the dance floor, dressed up, and ready to meet Gatsby...

CD ontwerp Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel

'Who's afraid of red yellow & blues' cd cover design -Texel Bluesband Bluesselect released their first CD. I provided the artwork and gave it a 'blue twist'.

Banner ontwerp Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel

Silence of the Lamps -Bob ten Berge makes beautiful lamps with Silence of the Lamps. One of these lamps, made from old cassette tapes, could be won via a hi (KPN) giveaway. Part of the assignment was providing photos of the lamps and designing the banner. For more info about the beautiful lamps see: Silence of the Lamps

SPDF group logo - Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel

SPDF - SPDF Group wanted a contemporary look in a 'classic market'. They were looking for a logo that could be adapted to their different divisions: Group, Advisory & Services. In addition, I took care of the visual and functional design for the SPDF Group website.

RES The Lab event flyer -Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel
Compilatie RES The Lab event flyers -Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel
RES the Lab event, Styling Marlies van Veghel

RES 'The Lab' -I was commissioned by 'Operatie Frisse Peper' a change management company located in Den Bosch using co-creation, to style an event in the Azijnfabriek in Den Bosch. This also included a few posters to emphasize the various pillars of the event - with the aim of working together on the work floor in a new way.

Styling compilatie by Marlies van Veghel

Personal styling -A very small selection from the bridal and dress-up box.

Lysandro Cicilia Imago & Huisstijlboek Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel

Lysandro Cicilia Hairstyles Image & Corporate Identity booklet -Lysandro Cicilia Hairstyles went through a lot of growth a while ago. This also included more staff. A way was sought to introduce new employees to what Lysandro Cicilia Hairstyles stands for and what they want to radiate to customers. In the eye of MI is making an Image & House Style Book for this with tips, do's & don'ts, both visually and with regard to dealing with visitors to the salon.

Styling by Marlies van Veghel

Foto Styling

Bruna Flyer Vormgeving/ grafisch ontwerp / design by Marlies van Veghel

Bruna IJburg flyer - For the launch of a new youth concept 'Scoolz' at IJburg, Bruna IJburg opened a pop-up store for 1 day. I designed the flyer and took care of the construction and decoration of this pop-up store.

Jip - Styling by Marlies van Veghel

Weird Hair! - My sweet girl next door Jip had a 'Weird Hair' party

Estro first impression report

-Estro/Catalpa, nowadays converted to Smallsteps, was suffering from a shrinking market, just like the entire childcare industry. They themselves did not have a good view of what kind of first impression parents had when they visited a daycare unit.

In consultation with the internal project leader, I drew up a checklist with assessment criteria with regard to design, furnishing, and appearance as well as in terms of customer-friendly approach and handling of contact. Subsequently, visits were made throughout the Netherlands in order to be able to report on the first impressions left behind by the units, which resulted in an extensive report full of findings, tips, and recommendations. The cooperation and the insights for improvement that Estro got through the report were so good that a second sample/study was held a year later at other locations.

Pinterest-You can find me on Pinterest. A relatively harmless addiction...

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